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We’re delighted to have many, many testimonials about the quality of HydroKidz lessons – too many to show them all here – but here are a few to whet your appetite.

  • "Love so much about these lessons, the small class sizes, ratio of teachers to students, friendly staff. Becky was brilliant with my daughter who was scared of getting in the water."

    Vicki J
  • "I love how quickly the children and I are looked after and their bond with the swim teachers. They are always looking forward to their lessons! You always incorporate fun activities whilst the children are still learning"

    Leanne S
  • "We love the small classes and the ability to move up depending on the child's progress, at their pace and not to the rest of the swimmers."

    Emma T
  • "Experienced, friendly and approachable teachers. They makes the lesson fun for the children and are very encouraging, which helps them try their best. Finn has grown so much in confidence since joining Hydrokidz and now looks forwards to his swimming lessons (which he didn't at the previous place)."

    Alison W
  • "I like that groups are small, the children are very rarely waiting at the side and are constantly moving up and down the pool.
    The instructors are very good with the children and can talk to them on an age appropriate level."

    Hayley N
  • "That both my children can do their swimming lessons at the same time, despite their difference in age and ability"

    Chris G
  • "I like that the teachers are in the water teaching with the children rather than on the side. I think it helps my children and supports them in the water"

    Vicky H
  • "Due to the tiny classes my boys are in this term, they are getting so much focused instruction time and consequently are making tremendous progress."

    Rebecca L
  • "It’s good that the instructor gets in the water with them and that they don't shout. Very patient"

    Sarah M
  • "The staff are enthusiasm and kind. Niamey and Caitlin make the lessons a lot of fun and they move along at great pace"

    Anita Y
  • "The teachers are kind and friendly and keep kids engaged, convenient class times and 2 siblings can swim at same time"

    Katie B
  • "Not clear on what to expect however i can see Samantha making big steps. Jasmine pushes or encourages and Samantha always wants to come to her lessons. Be useful to know more info or where Samantha need to improve and what needs work."

    Samantha F
  • "We have found the lessons excellent. Evie is now able to swim using floats and getting there without. I wouldn't change anything. Staff are great and Evie loves coming."

    Evie C
  • "HydroKidz has been great for Harrison. The objective was to get him confident in the water which Libby made happen in the first class. He has made good progress which I intend to work on over the summer and hopefully by the time he is back in September he will have mastered the concept of floating."

    Harrison B
  • "The patience of the instructors is highly commendable. The level of instruction is well differentiated by ability. Shona has grown in confidence in the water. We look forward to her getting more independent as her confidence continues to grow."

    Shona S
  • "Very impressed with the general organisation and pace of the lessons, will be very interested to see how progress is now gained, thank you!"

    Hannah R
  • "Having recently transferred to HydroKidz at Bluecoats I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the standard of teaching and environment created by Stuart and his team. Lessons are run in both a professional and friendly way and the small class sizes ensure ability to clearly monitor progress and needs on an individual basis. There is always a positive emphasis and tone and my son is now back to really enjoying learning swimming as a result which we believe is what swimming lessons should be all about."

    Mrs Mitchell
Swim teacher with boy and girl, learning with noodles